Our vision is to take all the warmth, charm and heartiness entailed in Macedonian culture and translate it into a wondrous dining experience in the heart of Northcote.

Showcasing the flavours of Macedonia, we're honoured to share our traditions and hospitality with you.

There is a saying in Macedonian that influences daily life, whether that be the way you cook a meal, host a party or make a coffee; "So Dusha da go pravish", meaning - To do it with your soul. 

It is a tradition for guests to be seated at the dining table and a drink (usually Rakia) is offered along with appetisers (Meze). The evening starts with a toast "Nazdravije" (to your health).

The dishes that follow are designed to be shared, tapas style. 

There is ample food, bottomless glasses and music from the motherland. Conversations flow and time stands still.